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The tests...

We offer a choice of two FREE tests.

Swab test - this test is non-invasive oral test. The swab is rubbed once along the upper and lower gums and results are available in 20 minutes.

Pin-prick test - uses a small, single use, needle to prick your finger and results are available in 60 seconds.

With every test you will have a pre and post test discussion, talk over any concerns you may have with our staff and take your pick from our very wide selection of condoms.

After your test will give you a 3 month supply of condoms and lubrication.
We have a wide range of condoms to suit your needs including;

trim, regular, large, king size, black velvet, non-latex, delay, ribs & dots, flavoured, glow in the dark, sensiva, naturelle and the world's thinnest condom!

It's time to test. What are you waiting for?




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